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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in The Rebublic of Blarg Marquee Team's LiveJournal:

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
8:15 pm
Saturday, December 20th, 2003
6:37 pm
Right, as things stand, discsophist still needs to vote on uniforms - if [Unknown LJ tag] could poke her about it I'm sure we'd all be most grateful. Until she has done so I shall refrain from commenting on the direction the votes are taking.
We still need a rear shimmier - I know it's popularly considered to be the least important shimmying post but it does substantially improve the course anchorage - so if anyone cares to coerce a friend or relation into the position...
And as someone - really sorry, can't remember who right now - pointed out, we need interests. If anyone would like to submit any, please do so here.

Ideas please...

Sunday, December 14th, 2003
11:36 pm
Poll time
The time has come to vote on the scheme for the team uniform. Five ideas have been submitted, and depicted below for your ease of judgement. The ballot, and the origin of each idea, shall be kept secret, for reasons of paranoia. Please note that although the fifth uniform appears to be being modelled on a fan, the colourscheme is as it would be for a staver - the fan would of course have the traditional Fan's pink in place of green for the cheststripe.

Poll #220352 Uniforms

Select the uniform for which you wish to vote.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

If you selected Option 1, what trousers would you suggest to go with it?

EDIT: Because I have a shaky grasp at best of pollmaking and seem to have made a mistake somewhere of a change of policy, results will infact be viewable.

Current Mood: accomplished
11:09 pm
Poll time
The time has come to vote on the scheme for the team uniform. Five ideas have been submitted, and depicted below for your ease of judgement. The ballot, and the origin of each idea, shall be kept secret, for reasons of paranoia. Please note that although the fifth uniform appears to be being modelled on a fan, the colourscheme is as it would be for a staver - the fan would of course have the traditional Fan's pink in place of green for the cheststripe.

Take the pollCollapse )

EDIT: Because I have at best a shaky grasp of how to make a poll and seem to have made a mistake of a change in policy, results will in fact be viewable.

Current Mood: accomplished
12:32 am
OK, the concept artist has been scraped up and ladled into a suitable container for long enough to produce the requisite work. Allow me to present the options

In the interests of not taxing the conceptualist's feeble faculties each uniform was simply drawn in the form a staver would wear it, because that is both the most stringently dictated part of the strip and the most illustrative. Uniforms would of course be adapted as necessary to different roles.
Not everyone made a suggestion, and those who did did not always have ideas for every part of the strip, so the area they didn't have suggestions for I left blank. Also, a number of people suggested combining black with another colour, and because it seems somewhat unwise to pressure the still-congealing artist too much I elected to simply provide a stock 'black and x' idea upon which the forces of imagination could be worked to produce the combinations required.
The left picture was suggested by king_laugh, the middle by theytalktome (although a similer concept was put forward by jcsbimp, and the right by goodeyeclosed.
And of course, don't forget my contribution. The colour quality isn't so good, but

think when I talk of lime green that you see it, printing its proud tone o'er the receding cyan
for 'tis your thoughts now must dress our marquee-riders,
carry them here and there,shim'ying o'er lines
turning the accomplishment of many minutes
into a masterpiece, for the which supply
admit me, bursargirl, to this history
who prologue-like your humble patience pray
gently to view, and kindly to judge this array

EDIT: OK, look what I've found. I inadvertantly inverted the colours on my original design, and lookee!
Ignore the fact that the models are apparently in a powercut, and the way some of the colour hasn't come through. Just look at the colourscheme, especially on the fan. Isn't it cool? king_laugh may get get his wish of wearing velvet...
Talking of king_laugh, I should mention that the still-soupy concept artist drew his uniform idea wrong. There should be one orange and one maroon shoe - presumably with black binding, although I think a certain football team may sue for copyright of that... Also, incase the slightly crazed notes on the drawing didn't make sense, the back is supposed to be purple.

Current Mood: quixotic
Saturday, December 13th, 2003
8:36 am
I believe we may have a prodigy in our midst. Yesterday, having just joined the team, afriti was not even certain what the noble sport of Marquee sliding entailed. Today, after a night's practice of being a shimmier, she submitted thisCollapse )video of her own performance.
[Stands back and sighs in wonder] Look at that. I mean, look at it I mean, the flaps are slightly sloppy, and the marquee is when you get right down to it going sideways, but she's crewing the thing by herself. She hasn't got stavers in there with her or anything.
I know, it's unbelievable. Even the great Kirken Badpatrick needed a staver to complete his training runs, no marquee has been crewed alone for 150 years. But look at it. You can see right through the opening and afriti's the only one in there. That's why there's no steering: she's actually got the shimmying power to move a three-quarter size marquee unaided, and is doing so.
And look at the quality of the shimmying. [pauses for a moment in awe] I know right swing's slightly stronger than the left, and she's wobbling the walls more than you could really get away with on the field, but hell, they're the usual teething problems, and no-one could keep them for long under the tutelage of jcsbimp.
Just... amazing...

Frankly peeps, my fellow-stavers and I had better get practising - our shimmying corps is going to put us all to shame.

EDIT: On that subject, I have noticed a certain buildup of the usual staver/shimmier rivalry within the team. I know it's perfectly normal, and there's always a fairly strong competitive spirit between the two factions - I showed it slightly myself in the above entry - but remember that when it gets right down to it we are all part of the team. I don't want any Cranhep incidents on this marquee.

Current Mood: enthralled
Friday, December 12th, 2003
11:31 pm
Glad to welcome our new shimmier


I would appreciate it if you would respectively welcome her, cuddle her, make her cake, refrain from waving the severed heads of your compatriots at her, teach her to shimmy and fan her. She is our new hope.


NB: The new uniforms will not be up for a few more days due to the liquifaction of the concept artist.

Current Mood: quixotic
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
6:56 pm
We apologise for the inconvenience...
There has been a delay with the visual impressions of the various ideas for the team uniform: the concept artist is a puddle of soup and as such cannot be trusted to produce the necessary pictures or for that matter perform any other responsible tasks beyond the posting of this of necessity rather frugal journal entry.
The vote upon the best uniform colour scheme will therefore be delayed until pictures are available.
Normal service will resume as soon as possible.
Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
7:11 pm
An embarassimg self-correction
It has come to my attention that, despite being on one level perfectly aware of what the word ought to mean, I have been using the word 'pinstripe' to describe the patterning on the team slacks. This is not strictly accurate - the stripes in question are, for heat teams at least, a single narrow stripe down the outside of the leg, as illustrated in this picture of the Podgorny Penguins (courtesy of jcsbimp).
With regards to uniforms, it occurs to me that I have not yet listed my own preferences for consideration. In an ideal world I would want to see us all in lilac and lime green, my personal livery of choice (like so), but for this, I can see us in blue...

Tomorrow is the deadline for uniform procrastination, so any ideas must be submitted before then. Just out of interest, does Sophist actually know about this community?
Monday, December 8th, 2003
9:05 pm
Despite our incomplete team, and the continuing uncertainty over team colours, I feel compelled to begin training.
If anyone can recruit anyone else, I would be much obliged, but if necessary Bimp will just have to shimmy extra hard, if necessary aided by the mascot. We have all our stavers, our fan, our helmsman and an exceptionally competent and dedicated lead shimmmier: we'll be fine:

/otherteam\/RoB Team\

[nods emphatically and tries to ignore horrific inelegance of two colons in one sentence]
Saturday, December 6th, 2003
11:01 pm
Will everyone please welcome our new left-back staver


This wondrous person will be taking on staving responsibility in addition to the already arduous task of baking cakes in the team colours. Round of applause please.

[waits for thunderous ovation to die down]

goodeyeclosed, care to make a speech of joiningness?

goodeyeclosed: I would if I were not trying to guide marbles through some sort of vortex... or maybe a sponge?

That's the spirit. She is an example to us all. :)

Now we need only find our two shimmiers...

Current Mood: ecstatic
8:01 pm
OK, the first official team decision of the RoB Marquee-Sliding team.

Uniforms: what colours?
We need to arrive at a combination of three colours - one for the pinstripes and part of the jumpers, one for the slacks and one for the shoes and the rest of the jumpers.

I would welcome input from everyone on this.

Also, we still need more team members. As it is we may have to take the ancient recourse of asking the mascot to shimmy, and I really think that could be unwise...

Current Mood: worried
9:29 am
By gosh! this looks like fun and very sophisticated!

But, my uniform needs holes in for the propellor blades, so we have to use material that doesn't fray, and it can't be too loose or I could possibly end up naked by the end of the race...
Friday, December 5th, 2003
11:09 pm
Well, I'm here. Made it eventually, with much guidance from jcsbimp, and I am here to begin training. First session tomorrow, as aforementioned.
In the interim, allow me to set out the itinerary for the next few weeks - aside of course from training:

Item one: team kit

We will of course be keeping to the traditional garments for a marquee racing team being as followsCollapse )
However, we have not yet decided on our team colours, and as jcsbimp properly observed, crisp pinstripes have let many a less able team enter the finals. This should therefore be a matter of priority.
I also think it might be advisable to petition the uniforms committee and ask that in light of our particular circumstances the rules on the attire of the mascot might be waived in favour of something... looser.

Item two: Team picture
When all our team are assembled and the uniform is decided on, I think it would be good practice to have a picture of the team shown in our user info. If anyone has any scruples as to the showing of their face online, they are welcome to disguise it in any manner they feel suitable, or if necessary submit someone else's face. Submissions should be posted in the community, or sent to 'anyetta87@hotmail.com'.

That's all for now folks [adjourns to be power-drunk somewhere else]

Current Mood: excited
2:36 pm
This is splendid!

And there's an inch or two of sleet outside for us to slide upon quite gaily.

Me so happy. Me shimmy already.
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